5 tips to care for dry skin in summer
Wednesday, January 2, 2013 at 03:17PM
Jafeth Rodriguez

Summer is a beautiful season without a doubt, but like my grandmother used to say, there is no success without sacrifice.  In this context, this means that we need to carefully plan our skin care strategy if we are to have a healthy outcome out of this summer's rendezvous with the sun, with the beach and with as little clothing as possible.

To address dry skin this summer you should concentrate on trying to protect the skin's natural layer of oils.  To achieve that, here you have five easy strategies you can follow:

Less shower time, lower shower temperature

Most people start their day with a long hot shower in the morning.  This habit dries out your skin and washes off the natural layer of oils of the skin.  Use cool water.  It may shock you a little at first, but over time you will find it stimulating and invigorating.  I am not suggesting to go for an ice cold shower, but cool it down as much as you can without feeling uncomfortable.  You will see the difference this makes to your skin.

Less harsh soaps

Typically, bar soaps have a higher pH level than liquid soaps. Because of this, some bar soaps can be more drying to the skin. Strong bar soaps can be too harsh for some people, stripping away important oils and giving you discomfort.  I recommend the shower gel route.  You know how much I love shower gels!  Besides having a less irritant action on your skin, you can choose the experience you want even with active moisturisers and humectants to protect that layer of natural oils of your skin.

Gentle with the towel

Rubbing dry your skin stretches and stresses out it unnecessarily. Pat dry it instead.  Be gentle and make sure your skin is a little damp before you apply your moisturiser.


Moisturisers protect your skin from the environment - applying moisturiser creams or lotions creates a barrier on your skin that keeps oils from escaping and harmful outside elements from coming in and causing dryness and irritation.  Make sure you apply a good moisturiser cream if possible or a lotion just after your shower and before going to bed.  If your skin is very dry you may need to apply some more during the day.

Protect your skin with a high SPF

Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen and avoid direct exposure to the sun for long periods of time.

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