What does it mean to have perfect skin? - Radiance
Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 03:42PM
Jafeth Rodriguez

There are five dimensions when it comes to defining skin perfection:  radiance, firmness, texture, skin tone uniformity and flexibility.  The good news is that I believe perfection, if there is such a thing, comes with the balancing act of these five dimensions.  Each dimension on its own is important, but not the end game.  The combination of the five, resulting on unlimited permutations, provides unlimited paths to gorgeous skin.

In the next few posts I will define each of the dimensions and give you some tips on how to care for your skin in the context of that particular dimension.

Let's talk about the first dimension:  Radiance.

Skin radiance is a difficult concept.  Radiance can be defined as the amount of light that is emitted from a particular object, such as a light source.  In skin care this definition does not necessarily reflect the complex attributes of skin radiance.  Skin radiance involves both psychological and physical attributes. Radiant skin often appears to have an internal glow.  A radiant skin is not the same as a shiny skin, as the later refers mostly to the amount of light reflected from the skin's surface.

For a radiant skin I recommend the following tips:

We are what we eat

This is particularly true when talking about skin radiance.  To have healthy skin cells you need to eat the right fats, and the right vitamin content.   Eat a healthy diet filled with vegetables, fruits, whole grains and proteins. Consume foods that are rich in vitamin A, C, and E.  Don't consume too many carbs and drink lots of water, instead of fizzy drinks or juice with high contents of sugar. 

Manage your stress level

In the same way that radiance involves physical and psychological attributes, your state of being, that is your psychological balance, has a tremendous impact on your skin.  Being overly stressed can lead to undesirable skin conditions such as acne breakouts.  This is a topic on its own.  Sometimes, depending on the circumstances we are going through in our lives, managing stress is a difficult task.  The most important thing, whatever your circumstances, is to be aware of your stress levels and have a positive attitude.  A number of stress management techniques can be applied depending on your interests and personality.  It may useful to think in terms of the three dimensions of being:  mind (reading a book, creative arts and crafts) , body (moderate physical activities such as sports or jogging) and spirit (meditation, music).

Protect yourself from the sun

Don't skim on the SPF and make sure you don't overly expose your skin to the inclement sun. Dry skin, freckles, dark spots and wrinkles can be the direct result of over exposure to the sun and these don't help the cause of a perfect skin.


"A girls most beautiful outfit ever is charisma, the prettiest accessory is a smile, and the best pair of heels is confidence." - Anonymous


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