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Avena (Oats) Range

Not Tested On Animals

There are many proven dermatological benefits associated with oats. Oats particles absorb seamlessly cellular debris, protecting and maintaining the integrity of the skin structure.

Thanks to its phosphorus contents, it softens water hardness, resulting in a soothing and relaxing action and smooth hydration.

Its lipids and water-absorbing substances composition, prevents dehydration of the skin.

Its protein contents keep the pH of the skin at ideal levels (around 5.5 - slightly acidic), soothing skin irritations.

Moisturising Milk

This product provides soothing emollients and moisturisers, nourishes and hydrates intensively and reinforces the skin's protective barrier, to prevent dryness. It provides excellent results for mature skin, sensitive or dry. 
It comes in 500 ml bottles.

Avena Oats Moisturising Milk 500 ML Buy Online Now

Hand & Body Cream

The product provides hydration, softness and elasticity to support the daily needs of your skin.  Ideal for the whole family.  It comes in 50 ml and 200 ml jars.

Avena Oats Hand and Body Cream 200 ML Buy Online Now

Shower Gel

Oats have been used in skincare for centuries. Thanks to the phosphorus contained in Oats, the skin hardness decreases, resulting in a soothing and relaxing action. This shower gel is used to clean, rebalance dryness and nurture your skin. It comes in 500 ml bottles.

Avena Oats Shower Gel 500 ML Buy Online Now

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