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Andalucia, a place and people of timeless beauty…

Instituto Español was born near Seville in Andalucia over a century ago. In a land shaped by its natural beauty and abundance, and the vitality of its people. 

Andalucia is a place where the culture of the people seems immortal. Founded on values of family and nurturing care, it has been a centre of culture for over 2,500 years - the Romans, and then the Moors, and the classical Spain of Don Quixote since the 15th Century. 


Alhambra, Seville

It is the home of the Andalusian, a horse of dancing grace, style and carriage and wonderful proportions. Its founding nobility of culture and refinement, has spread its influence around the world and is now seen reflected in its most beautiful and aristocratic breeds.


The clean and intense natural food of Andalucia shows in the long lived health and good looks of its people. It is a land that both soothes and burns with life, colour and passion. A land of dance, fiesta, steeped in tradition and cultured elegance.

Andalucia is the Spanish soul. It is a place of timeless beauty and also the home and cradle to a skincare specialist, trusted around the world, and now available in Australia..  The Spanish way… The Instituto Español way…